Sep 2nd 2020 - 12:00 am

Unlocking the full potential of marketing automation: how to maximise the value of your leads

We know by now that the term “sales funnel” is outdated: today’s buyers do not take a straight and narrow path to making purchases, and real customer journeys are increasingly individual. Many prospects just aren't ready to buy right away, meaning dozens of touchpoints may be required to make a sale - and the truth is, not all leads are created equal. How can organisations better identify true opportunities, service the right leads, increase conversions, and create their most efficient marketing process ever? Through marketing automation.

Welcome to this webinar on September 23 where Mathias Jonsson and Daniel Nyberg will cover how to achieve the best results with marketing automation, and explain why none of it is possible without proper internal marketing and sales alignment.


10.00 | Introduction Mats Gustafsson, Wednesday Relations

10.05 | Introduction Exelement and Bisnode

Mathias Jonsson, CEO Exelement, Daniel Nyberg, Head of Group Digital Marketing Bisnode

10.10 | Unlocking the full potential of marketing automation: how to maximise the value of your leads

  • What true marketing automation looks like and what triggers and filters are crucial for nurturing leads.

  • How lead scoring enables marketing automation and helps you to have control of the customer journey.

  • How marketing automation and lead scoring won’t work without marketing and sales alignment - and what alignment really means

  • Marketing automation case study: How Bisnode used Marketo Engage to leverage data to qualify and convert leads.

10.45-10.50 | Questions and summarize

Target group

This seminar is best suited for those of you who are leaders in organisations looking to deploy technology to automate marketing and sales, or who have bought-in to marketing automation but don’t yet know how to maximise the capabilities.



Mathias is the CEO and Founder of the Marketo Engage partner, Exelement. With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Mathias has previously procured, implemented and integrated a marketing automation system at one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics, as well as supervised the implementation of marketing automation software for more than 40 Nordic companies as the Head of Marketing Automation at Nortal.


Daniel leads Group Digital Marketing at Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading data and analytics companies. He has designed and developed digital marketing capabilities including Marketing Automation at Bisnode since 2016 and has a decade long background in Sales/Marketing technology and management consulting prior to Bisnode.


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